Free Employee Holiday Schedule Template

Planning holidays at work is like setting up a fun fair. It needs a good plan to make sure everyone gets to enjoy it. An employee holiday schedule template is like a map that helps managers and employees see who’s on holiday and when.

Benefits of Using an Employee Holiday Schedule Template

Here’s how this magical tool sprinkles its benefits into your workplace: 

Efficient Planning:

A holiday schedule template is like a big calendar where managers can see all the holidays in one place. It helps avoid times when there are too few people at work.

Enhanced Communication:

This template is like a bulletin board, telling everyone about the holiday plans. This way, all employees know who will be on holiday and when.

Reduced Stress:

Planning holidays can be like solving a big puzzle. The template makes it easier, reducing stress for everyone.

Increased Productivity:

When everyone knows the plan, work flows smoothly like a calm river, even when some folks are on holiday. A good plan helps ensure that all the tasks are covered so the work doesn’t pile up like snow during the holiday season.

What’s Inside an Employee Holiday Schedule Template?

Let’s dive in and see what each part does:

Holiday List:

Imagine a menu at your favorite ice cream shop, but instead of ice cream flavors, it has a list of all the holidays. This part of the template tells you when the official free days are. It’s a peek into when the fun days are coming, like seeing a poster of an upcoming fair.

Employee Details:

This section is like a school yearbook. It has the names and jobs of everyone in your work family. It helps the boss know who is on their team and what they do. It’s like knowing who is on your baseball team and what position they play.

Holiday Requests:

Here is where you can make a holiday wish. Just like writing a letter to Santa, employees can ask for the days they want to take off. It’s a way to tell the boss, “Hey, I’d like to have these days as my holiday.”

Approval Status:

This part is like traffic lights on the road. It tells you if your holiday wish is a green light (approved), yellow light (waiting), or red light (not approved). It helps everyone know what holiday wishes are coming true.

Notes Section:

Sometimes, there are special things to remember, like who is allergic to peanuts on a picnic. The notes section is like a little notepad on the fridge where you can write down these important bits. Someone may need an extra day off, or there’s a big company party planned. This section makes sure every important detail is remembered.

Customizing Your Template

 Let’s see how you can add your special touch to the template:


Every company is like a different type of playground. Some are big with lots of swings and slides, while others are small with just a sandbox. 

Making the template fit your company is like picking the right playground equipment. Maybe you need a bigger section for notes or a special spot to show who’s the boss on duty.

Visual Appeal:

A splash of color and some cool pictures can turn a boring chart into a fun picture. It’s like turning a gray wall into a beautiful mural. Adding colors can help show different types of days. 

For example, red for official holidays, blue for requested holidays, and green for approved holidays.


Sharing the schedule is like opening the gates to the playground. Everyone can see and understand the schedule. 

Paper schedules are like flyers handed out at the entrance, while digital schedules are like big billboards that everyone can see. 

Digital ones are cool because they can be updated in real-time, like a scoreboard that changes when someone scores. 

Ensuring everyone has access to the schedule helps keep the holiday plans clear and fair, like making sure everyone gets a turn on the slide.

Utilizing Technology

Let’s see how technology sprinkles its magic dust on your template: 

Integration with Other Tools:

Imagine if your holiday schedule could whisper to your email tool, sending messages about holiday approvals. Or, it could chat with your calendar app, marking off the holiday days. It’s like having a group of friends who share cool stories and help each other out. 

Real-Time Updates:

Everyone can see the changes as they happen, just like watching the scoreboard. It keeps everyone in the loop, making sure the whole team knows the score. 

Mobile Access:

 No matter where you are, you can pull out your phone and check the holiday schedule. It’s like having a magical map in your pocket that shows you where everyone is on holiday adventures. 

Free Printable Employee Holiday Schedule Template

Employee Holiday Schedule Template 01
Employee Holiday Schedule Template 01


Employee Holiday Schedule Template 02
Employee Holiday Schedule Template 02


Employee Holiday Schedule Template 03
Employee Holiday Schedule Template 03


Employee Holiday Schedule Template 04
Employee Holiday Schedule Template 04


Employee Holiday Schedule Template 05
Employee Holiday Schedule Template 05


Employee Holiday Schedule Template 06
Employee Holiday Schedule Template 06


Employee Holiday Schedule Template 07
Employee Holiday Schedule Template 07


Employee Holiday Schedule Template 08
Employee Holiday Schedule Template 08

Common Mistakes And How to Avoid

Some common mistakes can happen if you need to be more careful and how to avoid them.


Sometimes, the template can get too crowded, like a cake with too many candies on top. It happens when too many people are scheduled off at the same time. It’s important to spread out the holiday requests to make sure enough team members are working each day.

Lack of Clarity:

A schedule that’s hard to read is like a cake recipe that’s all mixed up. It’s important to keep the schedule clear and easy to understand. Using simple words, big letters, and bright colors can help.

Ignoring Employee Preferences:

Ignoring when employees prefer to take their holidays is like forgetting to ask what flavor of cake they like. It’s important to consider employees’ preferences to keep the team happy.

Not Updating Regularly:

A schedule that’s not updated is like a cake left out in the rain.

Forgetting to Communicate:

Not telling everyone about the schedule is like baking a cake and forgetting to invite anyone to eat it. Make sure to share the schedule with everyone so you know when you are working and when you have time off.

Not Using Technology:

Ignoring the magic of technology is like trying to mix cake batter with a fork when you have an electric mixer. Using tech tools can make managing the schedule faster and easier.

Skipping Training:

If the team doesn’t know how to use the template, it’s like having a kitchen full of bakers who don’t know how to turn on the oven. Make sure everyone knows how to use the schedule template.


What is an Employee Holiday Schedule Template?

It’s a tool that helps plan when employees can take holidays. It’s like a calendar filled with who will be out on vacation and when.

Why is it important to use a template for holiday scheduling?

It helps keep things organized. It’s like having a neat toy box where every toy has its place, making it easy to find what you need.

Can I customize the template?

Yes! You can add colors and pictures and change the layout to make it fit your company. It’s like decorating your playroom.

How do I share the template with my team?

You can share it on paper, via email, or through a shared online tool. It’s like passing out invitations to a party.

What should I do if there are too many holiday requests at the same time?

Talk with your team to see if some people can change their plans. It’s like figuring out a puzzle together.

How can technology help with holiday scheduling?

Technology can help update and share the schedule faster and easier. It’s like having a magic wand to help keep things organized.

How often should I update the holiday schedule?

Update it whenever there are new holiday requests or changes. It’s like keeping your toy box tidy by putting away toys after you play with them.

What if someone has an emergency and needs time off?

Emergencies happen. Update the schedule and talk with your team to cover any important tasks. It’s like having a plan for a rainy day.

Can I see past holiday schedules?

Yes, if you save them. They can help plan for next year. It’s like keeping old drawings to see how much you’ve improved.

What can I do to make holiday scheduling easier?

Talk with your team, plan, and use a good template. It’s like having a good map, friendly helpers, and a clear path as you plan your holiday adventures.


Using an Employee Holiday Schedule Template makes planning holidays easy and fun. This way, everyone knows the plan, and the work fun fair is always a hit!